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YESforLOV Couple Elixir Stimulating Gel

  • The first orgasmic gel for couples. The exquisite sensation of hot and cold will heighten your intimacy by intensifying clitoral arousal and prolonging pleasure for the penis. Performance and pleasure are increased and intensified.
  • Just a drop of this orgasmic gel is enough. The tube should provide around thirty applications.
  • A neurocosmetic physio-plant complex:This unique complex in the YESforLOV Couples Elixir works like a biological amplifier for sensory pleasure. It optimises the interconnections between the skin and nervous system to intensify pleasure by stimulating blood flow. For deeper, more intense lovemaking and increased performance and orgasms.
  • A subtle wild strawberry fragrance——kissable, delicious to the taste and slightly minty.
  • This orgasmic gel is compatible with condoms and all sex toys and accessories.
  • White and gold packaging surrounding an airless bottle which protects our elixir from the ambient air. A single modern, upscale identity equally at home in your bathroom or on your night stand.
  • Made in France
  • YESforLOV Couples Elixir has been tested by gynaecologists. Hypoallergenic *
    * Formulated to minimise allergic reactions.
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