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Clitherapy Orgasm Balm

  • Bad Day Killer:Star Anise
  • Sexting Balm:Spiced Ginger
  • Horny Jar:Sandalwood
  • This clitoral balm gets your body ready to enjoy mind-blowing orgasms.
  • It has a silky smooth texture thanks to the coconut and almond oil base, as well as an instant warmingmeffect that boosts blood flow to the clitoris and heightens sensitivity.
  • Scrape out some balm from the tin by "swiping" your finger over the surface and apply to your clitoris. You'll feel the warming effect in a matter of seconds!
  • Compatible with erotic toys. AVOID to use with Latex Condom.
  • Duration: +/- 30 minutes (varies from person to person).
  • Increased sensations: warming effect (Thermolat).
  • Increased sensitivity: arginine.
  • Content: warming-effect clitoral balm (0.28 fl. oz. - 8 gr)
  • Important information: The balm contains almond oil
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