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Primary Five Colour Pony Tail Plug with Detachable Screwable Base

  • Exquisite glass anal plug handcrafted in Washington, with a fanciful ponytail attached to the base.
  • Tapered plug tip and slender stem allow easy insertion and comfortable long hour play.
  • Detachable ponytail add visual excitement to role-playing scenario. Screw it on and off as you desire!
  • Made of the highest quality, properly hardened borosilicate glass, smooth and safe on body.
  • Made in USA.

    How to clean your pony plug ?
  • Rinse your tail in cold water, with the water flowing in the same direction as the hair to avoid tangling. Avoid using hot water to wash.
  • You can let your tail air-dry or use a blow dryer in cool setting.

    How to care for your pony plug ?
  • Detangle your tail with a wig brush. Comb gently starting at the ends and work upwards. Avoid excessive combing as this could damage the synthetic fibers.
  • You can condition the tail by using products that are specifically designed for synthetic hair .They will help keep your tail looking brand new for longer.
  • Do not allow your tail to be crushed or bent while stored; lay it or hang it in a way that will help it maintain its style and shape.

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