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Fils De Dieu Du Riz Et Des Agrumes EDP 50ml

  • He brings the sun. Here, find an innocent wisdom that points to dreams and liberation. This is the golden eye that reflects beauty and conflict, rapture and pain.
  • Fils de dieu is an emotional fragrance, a scent that requires a sympathetic connection between the server and the served, the giver and the taker, and the willingness to exchange roles.
  • This is the scent of warmth and sunshine and tropical pleasure, with a dreamy other-worldly sensation. It's an emotional scent of contradictions — innocence and wisdom, fantasy and freedom.
  • Fragrance Type: Citrus — Gourmand
  • Composition: Lime, ginger, coriander leaves, coconut JE (Jungle Essence), rice, shiso, bergamot, vetiver, castoreum, musk, amber, leather
  • Made in France

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