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Tom of Finland EDP 50ml

  • Tom of Finland feels clean, like a shaving from a cake of soap. It is an ode to the beauty of the male body and to the radiance of the natural self.
  • Tom of Finland is beyond sexuality — he is sex, in all its fullness and magnitude, open and erect.
  • A true erotic power of flesh and a leather jacket.
  • An homage to the erotic art of Tom of Finland. The scent was created to smell like "a show after a slightly too dirty night". It comes with an overt masculine signature, but can be quite pleasing to women as well.
  • Fragrance Type: Amber — Leathery — Oriental
  • Composition: Aldehydes, lemon, birch leaves, pine, safraleine, pepper, cypress, geranium, vanilla, tonka bean, iris, vetiver, suede, musk, ambergris…

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