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Crave Leather Handcuffs

  • Genuine leather handcuff. Elegantly, delicately, luxuriously, sexily bound your body.... for him
  • Stylish cuff bracelets crafted from fine leather double as handcuffs for a dose of risqué fun.
  • Placed in black elegant gift box.
  • 3 tightness settings: 21.5cm, 19.5cm and 17.5cm. (8.5inch, 7.7inch and 6.9inch)
  • Night falls. The empty champagne glass now carries only your red kiss mark. Underneath the black see-through gown, you draw a little black box. Placing it lightly next to the candle light, you whispered here is dessert. The moment the box is opened, the night of ecstasy begins.

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